What s10 parts!????


The New Kid
Dec 21, 2001
Ok so I’m looking to upgrade to the dual piston s10 brakes like everyone does. What part am I looking for!??? I know I need the HUB version of the 2WD ONLY s10/blazer/jimmy knuckle. But when I look it up it just pulls up the ones that look like the stock gbody ones with the spindle. I can’t find the 2wd hub versions hardly anywhere. Are these not made anymore or something? The rest of the parts I know I can get cheap it’s just these knuckles that have me going in circles.


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You need the 98-05 2WD Blazer spindles. You can get them from the junk yard. There was a guy over on gbodyforums selling them a few years back. I would make sure to get them with the hubs even if you put new ones on so you have the bolts.
there is a facebook group. I got spindles, bolts, brackets, dust shields