What size slicks?


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I am fixing to purchase a new pair of ET streets for new combo and new season! My goal is to run high 10's @ 123ish. I originally used 26x10x15 last year with old TA-49 combo. Wondering if i should go with 28x10.5x15's this year. Which tires will work the best and why? Still using stock rear end w/3.42's.
Full slicks will work the best because they are full slicks:D When you are in the 11's you need 28's to keep in the powerband.
28x10.5 will fit ,you will need a 15x8 wheel with 3.75 to 4.00 backspacing , may rub on the frame a little but will work.
you don't need any more tire than the 28X9........my t-brake launches @ 15-20 lbs work just fine with them....1.4x 60's
28X9 IMO is the perfect slick for our cars, good foot print, no fitment problems with stock wheel or aftermarket. That is unless you get crazy with the offset. I've seen a 28X9 ET Drag go mid-low 9's so I know is more than capable if veh is set up properly. A 28X10.5 for most of us is too much tire plus they have a tendency to rub if suspension deflects enough inside and outside:eek:, it's just that the 28X9 gives more clearance not to rub and IMHO is a safer tire.
I actually have 28x10.5x15 MT drags mounted on 15x7 GTA wheels and they fit fine and dont rub. This is just temporary however until I can afford some new 15x8 draglites or prostars.
I have MT 28x10.5-15's on Welds 15x8 with 3-1/2 backspace and they fit perfect and never rub anywhere. I run a RR airbag with about 10-15 psi when racing just for rub insurance. This is all on stock suspension. Frank:)
I use the 28x9x15 MTs, 15x8 Draglights, On the 15x8 rims its my opinion that you are using the full effect of the wrinkle wall, if you put to wide of tire on a narrow rim you lose the effect of the wrinkle wall My 60s run high 1.5s to low 1.6. they dont measure a full 28 inches they are 27.3 inches They get me through the 1/4 in drive at just the right rpm. there the best ive ever run
Oh mine wrinkle plenty, after a pass you can see a shadow where the tire has wrinkled all up. The sidewalls look like one of those big lollypops with the swirl pattern:D ;) Frank