What Spark plugs will work in the 85?

Big Dawg

Aug 2, 2020
Hey guys,

I am just wondering what spark plugs are the better choice for the hot air 85, Autolite 24 or Autolite 25. And what would the gap be.....I have been reading with alot of owners gapping between 0.32 - 0.35. These plugs come gapped from the factory at 0.44.

Thanks you,
@Big Dawg - I went Autolite 25s at .035 and will be hitting the road later today. Will hit you back up with an update!

How did your ride go with those plugs? I had ordered a set of Autolite 24 & Autolite 25. I installed the Autolite 24 with 0.032 gap and the car takes longer at startup and almost dies when sitting at a light. My previous plugs were NGK UR5 out of the box...didn't even mess with the gap and the car started right up and had no hesitating at all. I am thinking I am going to swap them back in and see what happens.

I am only running about 14lbs of boost in the Hot air as per my TurboTweak Chip. Should I re gap the UR5 plugs to .035? Or just leave them as is?

Or do I go Autolite 25's at .035 gap??

So confused....

I run my NGK's @ .28 . On my time here, most veterans have advised to run a tighter gap, no matter what brand.