What Stall with PTC NLU & DBB70GTQ


Jul 4, 2004
What stall are folks using with this combo? I recently decided to try a PTC non lock up and new NLU tranny. In the past I have always used a 3600 stall with 911 billet converter or vig lock ups.

I did not know much about PTC NLU so I went with their recommended 3000 stall for my combo.

I like the way the converter pulls and delivers the power once she has a head of steam built up, however It is a dog off the line.
Is anyone running this 3000 stall converter with the DBB70GTQ and getting it to be lively on the spool? If so any recommendations on where I should have my timing at?

Please dont take me wrong, I am happy with the converter and PTC service, Im just curious if it is something I may not have right?

Can this converter work right with my combo or should I just bit the bullet and send back for restall?

Also want to mention that my new tranny from CK is shifting like silk, thanks Chris! But it did take some close attention to adjusting the TV cable, man that is touchy.

girdled 109, 212/212 roller, champ alum heads, 3.42 gears, fiberglass bumpers a bit lighter than stock, PTE front mount, Old classic fast..
Typically with a 70gtq youd be looking to trap over 140mph. It won't be a fast spooling setup on a small engine like these. Flash stall of 5500. Stall down low will vary do to a few things. Have you adjusted the timing and fuel for optimization?
Bison, why did I know you would say that? I have followed many of your threads and from this gathered I probably have too big of a turbo and would be better off maxing a smaller turbo rather than holding the big boy back. I have not played with timming at all yet (my lap top just gave up on me ). However I am running 24# on 100 octane and 18 deg timming on a program Cal H sent me. However the car did spool much faster with the 3600 vig lock up I was running before changing tranmissions and converters ( but that tranny was hammered, thus the reason for change).

inmo you have too big of a compressor and turbine on too small of a motor with the boost to low.sounds like you would enjoy a smaller turbo with a tight ex housing.
Te-45a p trim garret .63 housing would be nice. Call Chopper at Limit Engineering.