What StreetTires?


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Jun 1, 2001
Currently running Nitto drag radials & they work great around town, however, they are not desirable on the highway (they'd most likely melt)?

My Nitto's are 275 50 x 15 on '84 GN wheels widened to 9.5". I would prefer to keep the 275 or a bit larger patch on the road to help reduce the tendency of the tires "breaking loose", however, a tire which can handle many high speed miles eludes me.

Buy more wheels. I run 17's on the street and sometimes the track too, and then 15's for the track. That way I can preserve the sticky tires for when they are needed.
15" is nearly retired as a mainstream street tire. The only thing left is the BFG Radial TA, and it's horribly outdated. You'll need to step up to a 17" rim to get any kind of decent selection.
did you have a problem with the nittos ? I and many others have driven everywhere on them.....
" they are not desirable on the highway (they'd most likely melt)? "

I've had them up to "85" mph on the highway and mine didn't melt. :):cool:

114 mph at the track and they didn't melt there either. :)

Out back the Nittos are the best for a daily driver at about 25 psi. air pressure on an 8" rim.

Just my .02 and you can get 12K out of them by avoiding burnouts. :p
The Nitto R-compounds are not ideal on the highway because they don't work on wet pavement or when it gets cold. If you get near freezing, they're downright dangerous to run on. Below freezing, they'll actually crack and fail.
I have driven my Nitto's all over the place in all kinds of weather with no issues, and no scary moments...Are they as good as a regular street tire in the cold and wet probably not, but they are close probably just as good as a cheap street tire.
I just bought Nittos 275/40zr17 98w and put them on 17' rim.... The front rim is 17x8, What front tire ???????
For a cheap set of tires, I like mastercraft avenger GT. In 235's on street pressure, i cut a 1.89 (not a great 60' but hey they are skinny street tires).
I run TOYO Proxis T1R's and so do a few others here. They last long, they handle great in the rain, the grip good on the street and I have cut a 1.80 60' time with them too! To me they are a great all around street tire........

BFG KDW2's are also a great tire for the street......