What to do with all those old T shirts ...


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..... or the salvaged pieces from your $6K GNX jacket after the dog got done with it...:unsure:

Really... what to do with all those old Turbo Regal t-shirts & more…how about a t-shirt quilt!?

This is more of an overdue shout out, tribute or idea than it is a “how to” or blast from my alcohol addled brain. So OK... maybe if you have someone around with skills, perhaps a spouse or partner that sews, then you’re in business. It’s not a project for someone like me who sticks himself with the needle instead of the fabric if I am trying to mend.

Anyway I should have long ago mentioned my wife found ways to keep me warm during long WI winters. I must have kept warm around the holidays … the kids were born in Sept. :) I got a quilt out the deal a couple years ago too. It’s made from some of those “T’s” that didn’t end wiping too many grimy hands, cleaning leaky valve covers or soaking up oily rear main tracks on the garage floor.

I have a couple quilt pictures to share. There is no batting inside it. It’s mostly a lap quilt & not a queen or even full size. It covers me up to my old gray beard when I am the most useless to the world & in the recliner. It was pieced from mostly OLD T’s that some people may recognize. Sorry if you see one you know. They were on my back first, and then I lost or gained weight, tore or stained them & then repurposed them as crafty people like to say. I spilled beer on them too but that doesn’t count. In fact it makes the fabric stronger and the wearer last longer. Don’t believe me? Huh! Mmmm. Hey I’m still here.


Anyway thanks Nance, in case you stumble onto this post. I love the quilt, the license plate fleece on the back & you. I owe you for this and much much more over all the years and thru all those pissed away beers. I was your beer pump; it was my version of recycling long before I knew what to call it. I promised myself I’d remember this quilt on our next anniversary – It’s here, and I didn’t need to write myself a note!

Your old man,

That is off the charts kool!
Thanks for sharing.

Mike B.