what turbo/converter?


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May 29, 2001
i have most of the parts too get going on the motor build
109 block
stock 10/10 crank (steel caps, might end up going with a girdle)
stock turbo rods (ARP bolts)
JE forged slugs (+.030)
hydraulic roller (havent picked the cam yet)
GN1 r heads (got'em cheap so i'm using them)
champion cnc'd intake
62mm TB and plenum
stock headers
etc. etc.
will have razors alky kit
probably tune using ME-r or MAFT pro

i will have the donor car soon ('90 Mustang notchback ~2900lbs)

what i want is something good for mid 10's all day long in a full weight Buick at no more then 24psi

i was thinking something along the lines of the TE45a...or PT67.
PTE recommended the PTE70GTQ ( also said they will have a BB version out soon). that seems like alot of turbo too me but they are the pros....

whats your guys opinions on a turbo and or my combo?
stall converter?

Steve (newb)
point me in the right directions please :)
If you have the cash....id go with a 70-72BB turbo with about a 34-3500 stall. If you dont....The TE-45A is a great turbo. You will need a good 3600 stall. Im not sure about running mid 10's all day on 24 psi though. Lots of Te-45A's in the 10's but most run 25+ to achieve mid 10's. You do have some nice heads though....so who knows. If you dont want to run more than 24psi i would lean towards a 70-72 turbo.
thank you, thats what PTE said too but then i come across threads like this http://www.turbobuick.com/forums/showthread.php?t=170526
and start too think that maybe a 70mm turbo in a lightweight car like the notchback would be one hell of a wild ride :D
like you said tho, probably not too much of a difference except pricing

i wouldnt mind hearing what Jack Cotton has too say ;) :cool:

24psi is the cap i would like too keep (just because its up there enuf but its not outrageous IMO). i see guys on here all the time running +26psi and thats gotta be hard on parts. making things an "only a matter of time" kind of deal. which i'm not wanting too deal with. granted, **** happens but...
Simple.....i did not realize this was a notch stang this is going in. 24 psi with any turbo in that light of a car will fly. Mid 10's will be easy with either turbo. Id go 67BB with a 3200 stall and a tbrake.
but, the goal is mid 10's @ 24psi with my heads in a full weight buick (should obviously be a little bit faster in the notch ;) )

could that be achieved with the 67BB at buick weight @ 24psi?
and which model 67 are you speaking of? i've come across probably 3-4 different makes for a buick (i see P's, Q's, PT's, T's, PTE's etc. stuff gets confusing)
MId 10's with 24psi in a full weight buick will be tough for the 67.....might take 25-26psi. In the notch.....24 psi should get you mid 10's no problem. As far as which 67 to get........id call Jack Cotton. He sold me mine. I use a Turbonetics BB70mm with 3bolt p-trim and an .82 AR.