What type of fastener do I need here


Apr 25, 2003
Guys, I need the screw or nut and bolt that holds the clip that's around the fat AC pipe and holds the heat shield in place from moving. Is it a nut and bolt or a sheet metal screw with a socket type head? And what size and length? If you have a picture then email me....thx

See picture http://members.rogers.com/mlvd/Eng3a.jpg with

arrow. I did not take this picture. I just blew it up.
Guys, I'm not trying to pull teeth here. Is it to hard for someone to pop open their hood and look for me. Maybe my question wasn't clear enough, if so then let me know.:confused:
I don't have that size at home. What socket size is the head and does the washer turn, what's the length and also the outside measurement of the thread width?
Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee the question from He!!. ;)

I dunno.... to answer all the other questions. :D

Head looked to be integral to the washer one piece.

I will try to measure it tomorrow when I put in my emissions chip.

Mine isn't going through the heat shield for some reason so I can fix that too. :)

Length is about 1" and threads about 1/8", probably a 1/8" socket or the metric equivalent.

Yeah I can measure that too, manana.