What U.S. Navy Seals carry


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Nov 17, 2003
Just ordered one. Sig Sauer MK-25-TB Until recently, it was only available to U.S. Dept. of Defense and issued to the U.S. Navy SEALS. Now available to the public, the MK25 9mm. Includes a gold engraved anchor on the slide and the U.S. Dept. of Defense I.D. tag on the frame. And just released in the last month or so, the threaded barrel version MK-25-TB for a suppressor. I can't even find a picture of the threaded barrel version on-line yet. It's going to Bill Springfield at Triggerwork.net for some trigger magic tomorrow before coming to me. And some quiet parts coming about 6 months later. Pics later.
the one i just looked up had a white anchor. cool looking gun. the opening bid i seen was $899 no reserve with a buy it now of $1062 .

how did you fair on yours?

if i didnt already have a bunch of 9's i would consider one.
i like the fact its ready for a suppressor right out of the box


I only found these two pics of the MK-25 TB myself.
Very nice pistol. I've had the chance to partake in the action of the standard MK 25 a couple of times from a buddy of mine. Very smooth shooting pistol, easy to control on double and triple taps. Sigs are notoriously expensive these days and have always been. But you do get alot of pistol for the money. The P226 family is my favorite of all Sigs. And the P228 that USAF OSI uses is nice too.

Whose can are you going with 0-60n4?
You would think they could applyl the U.I.D. tag straight. I saw my first one at an AZ gun show for $1,049 and would not budge on the price. A few hours later I bid on one at gunbroker for $864.00 and landed it. There is also a flush fitting 18 round magazine for it and a slightly extended 20 round mag.
I love my SIG P226 with the SRT. I would love to send it to Bruce Gray at grayguns.com for some work as he is the best from what I have heard.
Love the de-cocker on those Sigs.....real nice gun.....I'm tempted.

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That is a super sweet gun... I really like but I swear the trigger system feels a little cheesy to me...

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