What Would Cause This ?

BTW, This is the 'Tool " that I have to go by .... Old School ;)
Camshaft Sensor Timming Adjustment.gif
Camshaft Sensor Timming Adjustment.gif
My factory is the most valuable tool I own for that car... The Philips screws on my cam sensor were tight too, just the mount bolt. Hopefully that is your smoking gun.
What a Discovery that would be ! It was not too loose --about a turn?
My Man..... You may be a genius ! :cool:
Btw, I'm in Rochester, NY. We are not that far away from each other. ( That may be kinda scary... I dunno ! )
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I ordered a Cam SensorTool from Casper's today. I don't know if it's been ever set or adjusted .... so I'll know now !
I meant to say Factory MANUAL in post 22... don't know where the edit button went.
Gotcha... That context makes sense. :unsure: Btw, we have to edit within ten minutes , on this forum,,,,, Not that I am some kinda grammer master or sumpthin ! Thanks... I'll let you know how I do with the cam tool this weekend.
Sorry for my Late reply..........Cam Tool works great !

Timing is spot on. Lowered my FP to 40 & after ~ 120 Hi-Way Miles , no more popping in the exhaust ( When goosing it in Park )....... & ~ 20MPG to Boot !