What's my car worth


Feb 25, 2006
Today my barber said that last night (8/4/16) on What's my car worth featured a GNX. Did anyone see this episode and if so, what was their evaluation? My barber's comment was that they are worth a lot of money and that the one being shown was black. If you saw this please comment as I do not want to search thru "on demand" if all they had on the show was a Monte Carlo.
The episode is on youtube. For 1.99$ :( But in the description it does say 87 Buick GNX.
I saw the episode to , wonder how old/long ago it was ?

I saw it when it premiered about a month and a half ago. It was a GNX at the Scottsdale B-J auction from this past January, I don't remember what number it was though.