What's needed for knock gauge in non ecm car?


11 Second V6
May 25, 2001
Figured I'd post this here, since it's not Buick related.

My Father is thinking he'll be able to beet my GN with a stroked and blown small block (Old-school, non-efi) I'm telling him anytime.... But, this will be the 3rd time around for this motor to be built and the 4th time an engine has been swapped into his '57 Chevy.

Is it possible to hook up a knock gauge (An LED one made for a GN) to a knock sensor, without having an ECM? Even though he'll be in my rear view, I don't want to have to help him swap another engine!
sure is. i have one of those 8 light knock gauges, it ties directly into the knock sensor, so it would be very simple to do, once the knock sensor is mounted.

I've never realy looked to see how the knock sensor is connected to the engine, that might be your biggest problem.

but yea, totally possible and if i ever decide to have a forced induction non computerized computer i definatly will do that. its very cheap insurence.
Thanks, I thought it might work. I figure I'll install a knock sensor for a LC2 and use that same knock gauge you have.
i found mine on ebay, i think i paid $40 for it, i think i got riped of but oh well, i may have paid too much for it, but its paid for its self quite a few times by now. Don't know what i'd do without it. good luck finding one.
I'd check with Caspers electronics first, I think the knock guage reads the signals from that timing module thing under the hood and not the knock sensor itself.