Whats the best current deals on forged 3.8 pistons?


May 29, 2001
Taking my block and associated parts to my builder next week so we can discuss my build and he can check the bore. Once I know the condition of the cylinder bores I can start searching for some pistons. I am planning to go back with stock rods and crank, but will have an RJC girdle, full roller cam with T&D rockers, fully ported factory irons, roller timing set, etc. I've been out of the loop for too long and dont really know where to look for good deals on forged pistons. Not opposed to buying any for sale in the classifieds provided they aren't used. Where should I start?
Used aren't always bad but you may have to do some searching to find TRW's. Check evilbay, RJC, Weber Arizona GN, ect to see what's out there.;)
Glad someone said something about the Probes. I was searching and came across them but had never heard of them before. I read somewhere that the Probes will lower the compression over other options. Is this correct?
When I bought the weisco's were a good deal. They included pins and rings most others didn't
i searched piston deals to death and finally settled on ebay Wiseco Pro Tru piston and ring set. I paid ~$450 for the pistons rings and pins and am happy with the purchase. It saved me from having to worry if i got the right rings for the pistons etc...