Whats the difference between these 2?


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Jan 1, 2002
Im exhaust shopping right now. I am looking at buying from either Jegs or Summit. Both offer free shipping. Summit also offers a flowmaster seup. I know Im beating a dead horse, but which should I go with. Thanks in advance..
unless you want stainless go with the hooker duals from summit HOK-16810HKR

its a complete cat back with a 2 1/2" test pipe and dual 2 1/2 aerochamber muffs
the hooker system bolts like OE with the large 4 bolt flange and includes a 2 1/2 test pipe that is the same size as the stock downpipe , I assume your talking about the 3" poston stock type downpipe that uses the stock elbow at the turbo.

you could cut the test pipe in the kit by the flange get a 3" cat if you are subject to inspection and have it welded to the flange .

you could and have an 18" length 3" pipe with a swagged end attached to it and youll have a 3" test pipe.

you could buy a 3" test pipe or even one with a dump

you could get an adapter from 3" to 2 1/2" to and use the hooker test pipe or your current cat but it will be a restriction .

whatever you decide to do get a stainless band clamp for the connection of the cat/test to the down pipe and you wont have any trouble removing it and seperating the pipes at a later date
ATR (Now out of business) cat-back

$699.99 3 inch SS mandrel including Pitbull mufflers

Hooker 2.5 inch aluminized mandrel cat-back w/mufflers

$299.99 #520-16810 from Jegs

$299.88 #HOK-16810HKR from Summit Racing

Torque Tech cat-back w/o mufflers
(229) 242 0691
3 inch inch mandrel
$376 #GMG30200

3 inch single shot
$248 #GMG30301

2.5 inch mandrel
$330 #GMG25200

http://conleyracing.com/ 281.219.4343
They sell them as well. Price is around $500.
They sell the 4 inch oval connection for $95
if you wish it have your own pipes bent.
It's basically a four piece setup (including muffler) but
everything can be purchased individually.

Pypes;PR... & COMP=ppe
2.5 in SSG50 $315.00 w/o mufflers
2.5 in SGG53C $720.97 ceramic w/o mufflers

Terry Houston 2.75 SS
Precision Turbo and Engine
I believe they stated $599

Full Throttle Speed
2.75 inch mandrel w/o mufflers $279.00

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I am sure there are more, I just haven't found them yet.