What's this car worth (non-Buick)?


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Feb 11, 2007
Sorry I only have one picture of it that I snapped with my cell phone and the car is not really for sale. It is a 62' Thunderbird that belongs to my Great Grandmother. She still owns it, It was parked in this spot around 35 years ago when she bought a Ranchero to "haul her antiques" because she was an antique trader. The T-bird Is all original as it was when it was parked, rite down to the "FoMoCo" windshield washer bag on the inner fender. Its dirty but complete and solid from what I can tell with a "Landau" hardtop, 390, whatever automatic they used, and @ 65K on the odometer. I'm wondering about the value because Im the only one in the family that has really shown interest in owning the car but my Grandma wont just give it to me. I dont even think she will sell it to me cheap. She just keeps telling me to "make her an offer". Its hard to price the car because it is a true barn find. I can usually find turn key on Ebay with "fresh paint" for 8-12K so they dont bring huge money (unless they are convertible, in which case 20-25k seems the norm.
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I'd offer her free yard work and lawn mowing for a Long time for it. :) As you are her great grandson she is forced to accept this offer :D
62 is not real desirable as far as the old t birds go, 55-57 bring the most money but its like everything else, what is someone willing to pay for it. A running driving one that is a nice driver is probably 8 to 10 as you said from looking on eBay. That condition I would say 3500 to 4500, but being pretty much a "barn find" might increase value little with low miles on it also. I'm not a big ford guy and can't remember but did ford make different versions of the 390? Might want to look into that also, find out what combinations it has and possibly how rare it is. Just my .02
Its worth what ever someone wants to pay for it. The engine is going to make a big differance.I believe there was a hp difference. Thats a real cool car. Alot of people went to this style because as stated above the 55-57 are big money especially the early supercharged models or the baby birds.
I would post it on ebay with a 20,000 reserve and see how high the price goes. Its not going to hit the reserve but that will give you an idea what someone will pay for it. Good luck Ps. A gn engine in that car would be cool.