Wheels - Will these fit? (Ebay)

You mean like a 1/2 inch spacer or something? That shouldn't be a big problem I don't think?
eBay Motors: 17" CHEVELLE NOVA EL CAMINO IMPALA S10 BLACK WHEELS RIM (item 330154235845 end time Aug-17-07 15:13:42 PDT)

I'm liking the look of 4 of those in 17x8, thinking 255/45/17 on the back and 235 or 245/45/17 for the front.

I checked out the site you linked, basically it'd end up costing $1000 for the rims from them, or I could go with the 17's above with tires for about $1000 total. Keeping the factory rims in storage for any upcoming car shows.

Mostly wanting a more aggressive width and look for daily driving and better traction for the occasional run down the track. Really like those GTA/GNX black rims though...
Reading up on this, it seems a common practice is to put the rear tires on the front with a spacer and put the fronts on the rear with no spacer?
the turbo ta rear wheels on a 98 ta were not as wide (lip on wheel)as the front...
The drive to NY would cost me $400 or more, plus the $1200 :( nice rims but I'm trying to keep the whole expense rims + tires under or near $1000.
North Alabama almost in Huntsville, 35749 zip :) If i could get a good used set of tires and wheels for $900 shipped I'd just have to consider jumping on them... I'd have to.
With 12" brakes on the front, you can run GTA rears with no spacers.

My '86 grand prix runs Rear GTA's with 255/50's up front with 12" Baer Breaks and we have zero rubbing.
Upgraded brakes equals use GTA rear rims up front with no spacers?

Ok I'm all ears. I think I'm probably looking at at least, new pads and rotors soon, so ... ok anyway I'm all ears.