Where to buy a Pyle PJSR350 jobsite radio?

I'd like to buy a Pyle model PJSR350 jobsite radio but cannot find any store chain who carries them, only Amazon or Ebay…
I'm in Canada and I don't think they're sold here but I'll be on vacation in the US next March and would've liked to buy one while there but I don't know where to go ore who carries them…Any clues?
Like this one: Pyle Pjsr350bk Industrial Boombox Rugged Bluetooth R Speaker Black | eBay


I also wonder if I'd be better with this: http://www.ryobitools.ca/power-tools/products/details/787
It doesn't have the USB port but is kinda cool… at about $100.

Claude. ;)

P.S: The Pyle unit the only one that I've found which is not a battery charger (to charge tool batteries) and which has a USB port to play music from a flash drive...
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I checked and the Ryobi does have a usb port but for charging only…
It cannot be used to play music stored on a flash drive.
If it did, I'd buy one right now!
I've only found two (Pyle and Bosch) who can play music from a flash drive. There might be others but these are the only two I found… I'm not familiar with Pyle, don't know if they're good or not and I'm a little afraid of buying one and not be happy with it later on...and the Bosch PB360D might be among the best but it's huge and it sells for $250. in my area.

The only thing Pyle has going for it is that it's not a charger, which I don't need because I don't have any Bosch or Ryobi tools


P.S: I know myself…I like the Ryobi and maybe will still end up buying one and do a compromise and forget about the usb flash drive thing…
Thanks for the replies guys...but the more I think of it, I realize that I don't know anything about Pyle products 'cause to my knowledge, they're not sold in Canada…Are they are good or not?
Like I said in my previous post, I might be better off with the Ryobi and just forget about the USB flash drive thing…:cool:

Claude. ;)
Well, I ended up buying the Ryobi P746.
It's small, lightweight, can be powered by either 120V or one of their 18V. "tool" batteries (sold separately). Speaking of batteries, I wanted to buy a battery with a charger for my radio which were around $135. but the salesman showed me a "special" they had for a drill, + battery + charger, all for $89.! Couldn't pass it up!
Very happy with my purchase.