Whether you guys like it or not.....



It looks like i've been sucked in. After hearing about the potential of these cars for nearly 2 years on clubsi, i've decided that I might one day buy one for myself, when I get out of college. I'm really into turbo dodges right now, at least am trying to be but decided that its time to learn about turbo buicks as well. Are there any tech sites for these cars that would give me basic knowledge and information on the different mod possibilities, tips on buying one, basic stuff like that? I'm basically a clueless newbie and want to learn. :)
haha, you and some other people. :)

I was talking to a guy whos a real supra nut, and decided that one of these days, when im done with my turbo dodge project, I'm going to have to have something thats *really* fast (sub 12s) to take care of buisness with. And after all that i've heard and seen, these are the cars to do it with. I cant put up with someone that runs low 12s thinking that hes 'king of the street' :rolleyes:

That, and they make me feel all funny inside when i see one in good shape. Like when i used to climb the ropes in gym class.....
FWIW trent, I know a few turbo dodges that are faster than your car. :p Theyre not the fastest thing on the streets, but you have to give them props for being cheap quick four cylinders that can make one hell of a sleeper :)
no no flame intended there. I was being serious where I from Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel performance is a really big thing there are guys who can get serious power from those things
who really!? Hey my dad has TWO of those man, both of them 01s. 2500s, ones a dually. Do you have any performance tips? Do they sell ECUs for those? I've never actually met someone who really knew how to get power out of those, just seen them online making 1000tq~ :)
a guy close too me knows more than anybody there is on those motors. he has a customer in texas with a twin turbo dually that pulls the quarter in like 12.7@108. they make anything you want do a search on yahoo for enterprise engine performance and check out the videos on there of dave mitchells truck unbelievable he gets over 5000rpm out of that thing you talk about power!
oh, and i didnt mean to snap at you about the turbo dodge comment.

After spending my time on other car forums i've found that they have less respect than just about any other car. I've got an itchy trigger finger when it comes to those cars, people say things and i dont even check to see if the comment was in good fun :)
I am a Mopar Man, infact I was looking to buy a cuda, ( my dad has a viper) but couldn't find the right one then I found my grand national and it was "the Car" I am so glad I got the GN you won't regret getting one! It is a great car they are fast as hell, they look great, and they are economically great. Plus you can haul around any thing you wan't, the trunk is huge!