Which front bumper filler is better ABS plastic or Danko's Carbon fiber?


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Nov 24, 2010
I am planning to replace my front bumper fillers and I wanted to know which one is better quality wise. thanks

Be careful if you're dealing with Danko...Right now, I have their fiberglass front bumper and the fit is BAD. :mad: Both recesses for the parking lamps aren't deep enough and there's no way to have the lamps & bezels assembly to sit flush inside the bumper like they do on an original steel bumper. They stick out at least 1/2" ...If I knew, I would've bought one else where...:rolleyes: I've tried calling them many times hoping to settle this, but they never answer the phone, never!...Talk about some sh**ty service! :mad:

Claude. :mad:
I have the Danko front fillers on my car,with a little adjusting and finishing,they look and fit great.
Fitment on both types of fillers are less then stellar!! The fiberglass(dankos) seem to be a little better, but will require some tweaks here and there to fit proper, especially if your picky!

Don't pre drill the holes on the fiber glass ones. Use blue painters masking tape to position the fillers to the correct location on the car then use a smaller drill bit to drill in the right spots and bolt them in,they will line up perfect every time. Just take your time. My fiberglass Danko's look better than the factory ones did.


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