Which fuel pump

Put the stock maf back on and reset the computer. BLM is around 128-140 (depending on acceleration). 128-135 when idle. Iac is in the 30s and TPS .42 - .40.

Heavier smoke 💨 coming out the pipe. Maybe a tad on white and smells strong. It’s always had a strong odor so that part is not new.
you never stated if the PSI readings from the pics in post #87 are with the vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator off or on. 1 pic looks like 39psi which would be right with the vacuum line off at idle. Not sure about the other 2 pics at 33psi and whether or not the vacuum line was on or what?
Please explain how you got these reads...............
Darn forgot to get this when I was under the hood. Will do it in the am (get model of injectors)
all I wanted to share I have figured it out. My new MAF wasn't good. I put the old one back on and everything is going well. :)