Which maf???

jk kelly

Nov 12, 2012
Which maf replaces my stock one? Mine is bad what's the best suggestion to replace it with, my car is stock by the way, but moving forward with performance parts in the spring .
jk kelly said:
Mine is a 3" right? I seen one on full throttle off a impala ss for 179.00 is that all I need? And what is a translator, and do I have to have it if I buy one that is not off a gn

A translator converts the signal from the new maf into a signal your ecu can read. You need it.
I gotta ask every one is running maf with translator but what is the perpus of this if stock replacement mafs are still avaibile
i have had 4 lt1 style and 1 as long as 10 years plus and i have never ever had a problem an my cars were being run year round everyday until a year ago not just fair weather cruisers
You can run a stock replacement MAF, but there are no new ones being produced. Many say the remanufactured units at the parts stores are iffy as far as their accuracy. If you're able to find a NOS stock one, you will not need a translator, but NOS units can be pricey.

If you convert to any other MAF (LT1, LS1, Z06, or other), you will need a translator.
If you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and have a lt1/ls1 with translator setup, no big deal. Any parts house or junkyard will have it.For me it's more of a reliability issue and you can tune a little with them also, depending on which one you get. I bought Bob's TR6 ignition system mainly for more reliability, even tho it has some tweakability that I can play with also, plus it looks cool!
The translator will allow timing and fuel adjustments when combined w/a TT or BB-chip. Combined w/ a cold air intake and a good d/p will yeild some good performance increases. They will aid in fine tuning your combo.
hello people; Here's my 2 cents. I'd go with and I went with the 3.5" one. Stock is 3" and that's it stock. IMO a little more in all areas is a good thing from intake to exhaust. Turbos on the other hand take more thought and for now stock turbo is fine with me. When that 3.5" MAF pipe gets done that'll be it for me. CAI, 3.5" pipe and sencor. I would recommend the angle adapter as it will make things easier. IMO the 4" is to big for a basically stock set up and it doesn't look correct under the hood. To me anyway.
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