Which plug wires?


Oct 19, 2001
I just changed my plugs and need some new wires. I was thinking of MSD 8.5's or Accel 8.8's. Any suggestions and part numbers if you've got them?
I have always just used AC Delco wires, or a Parts store wire.

Just with Hot-Airs if you run a bare wire over on the passenger side you need to be VERY careful! I always wrap my wires in some high heat loom so they dont get burnt by the up or down pipes.....It sucks when your chasing a cly mis and it turns out that you were the cause of it!
Accel 8.8 are great. Mine almost aleways touch the downpipe, and they have never melted. There heat resistant to a certain temperature, but i'm not sure what exactly. I would go with those if I were you.

MSD or Accel.


I have heard really good things about nology wires, but ive also heard they are REALLY expensive..
If you want the best use Moroso ultra 40 or Blue Max 800 ohm.

I have tested them all . Moroso has the highest dielectric strengh , very good power transfer and low EMI/RFI.

On the Ultra 40 we have high temp plug boot(s) and a silicone jacket that is very heat resistant

the Blue Max offers the same thing.
My favs are the Taylor "409" wires. The big fat ones, extra heat protection.
Do the Taylor 409's come in a straight boot . I wanted to get the Thundervolts but they only come in a 90 boot.