Who can modify intercooler cores?

J Banning

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I'm looking for a local kind of place that can modify an intercooler core (cut off a couple rows). The job looks like it would be real simple, and that anyone with some decent aluminum welding experience should be able to do it. Could a place like a radiator shop be able to do this? I'd like to try and get this done this Friday or Saturday.

Any thoughts?

we are cutting an alum. one down for my buddy'd GN and it looks like it will fit much better..

we are cutting it down to the top of the third row so two cores and the fins then having the tops of the tanks welded back up ...which a radiator shop we called said no problem but i know plenty of people who weld alum...check with boat shops that weld up props..

on mine the top of the third core down is just below the lip of the rad. support were it drops down in front of the latch.

well gotta run ..c-ya

J banning,

Are u talking about cutting your ford front mount?
U can get any radaitor shop to cut it down and reweld it.
I got my Ford intercooler in and it looks tight. It sits alittle
lower than Reds Hot Air. I'll have to take some pics and show
u guys.
Sorry for the late reply guys.

Yes, this is regarding my Powerstroke IC. I'm looking at taking the top 2-3 rows off. This way I think I can fit the IC below the top of the radiator support. It appears to be a very simple job... one that anyone with aluminum welding experience (not me) can do. I'll call around in the next day or two to see who can do it.

I'm taking pictures of the whole process and will post them to my site when I'm finished. Actually, it's going a lot smoother than I thought it would.

J banning,

I got my intercooler to almost set underneath the radiator support. It sets just about 3mm above the support. I cut the
bumper supports at an angle and trimed them so the intercooler
end tanks lay almost on the bumper supports. I also cut the top
mounting taps off and took of the mounting supports on the sides of the intercooler to get the intercooler to go as far down as possible. The front cover has a metal like u bend support that
mounts to the cover to the radiator support. I have it still in place
and the intercooler looks real sharpe. I'll get some pics and show u that u don't have to send your intercooler off to get it to fit under the support. My friend is so amazed on it he's going to do the same on his car.
problem with dropping it that low is you have to cut into the main support for thr radiator support right by the body mount that holds the whole front clip i wont about to weaken my car ..
Hey Red,

I didn't have to there is still about 1/4
of the support there. I don't know if u
installed a aluminium Intercooler yet
But I did notice on your car from the pictures that it can be lowered more and I went on your pics and Gnx pics. I'll have to get my pics and show u guys.
I cutted the ford supports off the top
and sides to get it to set low. I'll get some pics in a couple of days.
we are working on an alum one now in my buddy's car so i'll be more experienced in that department soon but the outlets seem to be in the same location but we'll see once we get it in ..

we have cut the top down but havent got it welded up yet due to being to busy with other things.

we will probly have time to get it finished up this weekend.
Originally posted by REDS HOT AIR
problem with dropping it that low is you have to cut into the main support for thr radiator support right by the body mount that holds the whole front clip i wont about to weaken my car ..

Right, I second that notion. I got the core support done tonight. I used a cutoff wheel and sawzal (8" blade) to do the job. No problems there at all. I didn't have to remove as much material as I thought, and it looks pretty darn clean. I'm going to have 4 rows removed from the IC. I might be able to get away with only 3 removed, but I think it'll be a little safer (space wise) with 4 taken off the top. Even with 4 removed, it's still about twice the size of an ATR unit!

I've taken pictures of every step. I'll post them as I get closer to completion.

P.S. I think I'll be able to keep both headlight adjusters (horizontal & vert) by swaping the headlight buckets to opposite sides. Again, I'll post pics when I get closer to completion.