Who has made Piping for a FMIC??


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Aug 13, 2001
Have any of you guy's made custom piping for your Front Mount? Any tips, Cheapest way to do??:confused:
depending upon your goals 2 1/2" piping should suffice. 3" mandrel bent costs a lot more.

I bought (2) 2 1/2" mandrel bent mild steel over the axle exhaust piping and then cut/sectioned it work. Worked out great and cost effective.

i do that type of work nearly every day. i'd suggest looking at jcwhitney for misc. mandrel bends and tubing. summit and jegs also sell the same stuff, you may check their pricing as well. do not buy aluminized tube if you want your welds to look nice. for a first timer i'd suggest using plain ol' mild steel (cheap) and having it painted or powdercoated. if you're really happy with the finished product than consider jet hot. to start you may want to mock up the centerline of the system with some sort of hard wire (similar to a coat hanger). you should use this template to determine the bend angles you'll require, thus reducing the amount of scrap you generate. warm up your cut off wheel or chop saw and take your time, you may be suprised at how easy it really is. aaron
When welding my pieces together, should I worry about the inside of the piping? Weld seepage on the inside of the pipes, that could brake off and go into my IC??
Thanks for all your help:D
I used Aluminum piping from www.burnsstainless.com It was cheaper than stainless (by a little) mucho lighter and has better heat transfer abilities. I didn't weld anything togther. Just clamped it together with t-clams and silicone hose. Nothing has come apart, or even moved.
Where can I get oval tubing that transitions back to round? Saw it on a Turbo Camaro with a FMIC but didn't think to ask him where he got it. His was polishhed aluminum but stainless or mild steel would suffice.