Who is Gil Younger?


G-body enthusiast
May 25, 2001
I was fooling around with a spare 2004R I had given to me last summer and found a tag on one of the valvebody bolts inside that read:

No Yo Yo
Pat. Pend.
Gil Younger

From what I can find, this is a shift kit of sorts - does anyone have any more info on this? Have non-reverseable changes to the VB been made with this kit? The tranny is an 85 HE code trans out of a full size buick station wagon...
It a recalibration kit

It's a recalibration kit from Trans co. Trans co is recalibration kits for the mass populous, and Trans Go is their perfromance line of kits.

That kit isn't to bad. The changes to the springs are the 2-3 shift valve, line bias, press reg, the tv line up {not tv limit}and i believe the 2-3 back out. The spacer plate holes are real conservative.

There is no drilling done to the valve body casting.

It can be reversed, but you would need the original springs.

I would leave the kit in there. If you have a fax # i can fax you the kit instructions monday morning. If not, i can make copies and ship them off to you if you e-mail me your address.
Thanks for the reply. The tranny is toast, I was just curious on what mods it involved. The guy who gave it to me works at a dealership and this one was replaced with a new one. He said it wouldn't shift, the pan it full of gunk and it still smells of burnt fluid... I may be getting this one rebuilt though if I can't solve the problems mine has been giving me.