Who wants a Digital Propane Guage?


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Feb 20, 2002
I need to get a count of all that would be interested in a Digital Gauge for our propane kits. I believe the gauge would have the following:

PSI (Digital readout)
Overboost light
Spray light

If there is enough interest Dynotune will make us up a bunch.

By the way the other gauges (Boost etc...) they sell are SWEET!

From the looks of the other guages I am going to guess $89
When I get more info I will post it.
Good news and Bad

Here is the latest reply I got from them.

"Chris, the round pressure propane gauges are $174
The square ones are $159. Chris, I tell you what, give me less than a week and I will have the gauges added back to the webpage!"