Who's GN?????


Hey Guys,
I was just wondering who owns the 87 GN I saw in the airport parking garage on Saturday (1/26) around lunchtime. License plate FTF 443

And I wonder who owns the 11.5 ET 87 GN with a BIG TURBO yet is VERY STREETABLE for $11,800 in the Hot Rod section of the Classified ADs. HMMMMMM?????

Did Mr. X-FORDMAN buy another car??

1987 Buick Regal
Description — $11,800, '87 Grand National Big Turbo, 11.5 ET, very streetable, extras $11,800/obo 683-0522 ...

I wish i could afford it! (maybe if i sell all my toys I can) BTW, les hasnt given us a clue in a long time! -Rob
If it's the GN I think it is, I believe it belongs to an airport employee. Back when I used to spend a lot of time at HNL, and even today, I have noticed it. It is usually parked in the mainland/int'l garage across from Delta on the ramp leading down to the parking attendent gates.

I know that doesn't exactly answer your question, but...
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Hey Geoff,
Thanks for letting me know about the car. Sorry I never got to run that night but, it wouldv'e been dissapointing. I still need a better fuel pump. When Im at full throttle, the engine leans out and starts to pop. You wanna sell your walbro??
Take mine and replace it later. It's for my T-Type, so I wont be needing it anytime soon. :o :cool: