Why are XFI's Being Dumped ?????


Lately, I have noticed alot of FAST XFI units are up for sale.....what gives ????? is there a identified issue with these units ???? I have been pondering the idea of upgrading my management system to either a XFI or the Big Stuff 3...... and I am now leaning towards a BS3. Can anyone shed any light on this noticable trend of selling the XFI box.
good question.. i see lots of cars hauling ass with them, and Cal gives awesome tech support..
....the resale prices are irresistable...but I want to make sure there isn't any issues that might become disasterous down the road.......
I know all the authorized dealers stand behind them...which is very reassuring.
hell no. i would have bought one if i had the money. XFI is the way to go. CAL and other vendors provide awsome tech. support.