Why do you see alot of lower mile TTA's freshened up

cause most low milage ones are not mantained right and beat on hard when they are driven

It has alot to do with the fact that they sit for long periods of time, it plays hell with seals and even the coil packs. (I know) I had my coil pack go out at 36,000 miles and with it it blew a headgasket and destroyed the edge of a piston. It could have been averted under better circumstances and more knowledge on my part, but chalk it up to live and learn.
Lack of correct servicing.I bought my TTA in July of last year with 15k miles and still had the factory air filter in it.The rear end fluid was goop...and a lot of squeeks and rattles due to lack of lubricant in bushings.

The oil was changed religiously on it every 2k miles...but oil alone doesnt cut it for maintenance.

Thats why I would shy away from any TTA with less than 5k miles.Unless it was drained completely of all fluids and professionally stored...I mean all fluids,its a problem waiting to happen.

And most owners drive them hard when out and about.
Depends on what you mean by rebuild. Most of the low mileage cars need what I call gasket freshing. Basically, the motor suffers from leaks (rear seal, intake, etc.) . This really is not a engine rebuild. If you bore, hone or balance it then its a rebuild. In general, I tell people if you tear it down do to a rear seal, its worth the time and money to put a cam and chain in it. No better time.

how true how true
some people just dont learn

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o and btw every 2000 miles does not cut it on a stored car with changing fluids as soon as u use the oil once the life is only good for 3months then it starts to brake down so if u are storing your car alot store it with fresh oil and if u are storing it any more then 9 months change it when it gets out of storage o and add a little bit of stable to the gass tank to keep it from gelling up and store it with a full tank so there is no room for mosture.

just a couple tips

hey or u can be like me and store the motor out of the car hehehehe