why is the 2004r better then 700r4


Jul 24, 2002
i am trying to settle a debate with my freind that the 2004r is better than the 700r4. can you guys give me some reasons why and what likes to break on each trans.

I like the 2004r better for gearing reasons, The 1st to 2cd drop in a 700 is too much, Its 3.07 first gear right to (i believe) 1.68 seconds gear, You need a good amount of power to keep moving efficiently.The gear drop in the 200 is now where near that,But on the other hand it give you an ultra low first gear. As far as durability, Either one can be built to with stand the power an average street car makes.
2004r brakeage= generally forward drum,some times input shaft
700r4= sun shells, They say forward drum(never seen it)and in my old camaro i broke everything from planets to splitting the output shaft in two!
I prefer the 3004r if built correclty
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Hope this helps