Will going from a .63 to a .85 A/R kill my spool up?


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Would it be alot more laggy or no big deal?

It's a t63 on my GN, I should be getting my converter back soon after having it bumped up 500rpms.

Maybe worth 1 mph?

How many have done this themselves and feel it was a worth while mod?

Depends on how much stall your running/going to be running.
Ive got a LT 72 P trim,.63 ar and I am running an AOD with a 3200-3400 stall with t'brake from CK. Havent put new engine/tranny in car yet though.
Broke 1 how big is the converter and who recommended the stall? What are your expectations of spool.
If you were using the same stall it would spool a little slower and it would kill some low end, my car would pick up 2-3 mph on a 70 p-trim from the .63 to the .85 but since you changed the stall you should be fine.