will home porting heads help much, or do they need to be ported a lot


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
i hope to be running a 63-lt70 soon with the stock heads and cam, i was thinking pulling the heads and cleaning them up with some home porting not a lot but smooth it out and all and port the intake.. Will this help any at all. Also i might just keep the stock cam in will the self ported heads still help or should i just do the 204-214 .

i plan on running high boost its not a ever day car and wish to go well in the 10's or even high tens with it,

keep in mind that this car only wieghts 2460lbs so it should only need high 400hp to run in the low tens, [should]

let me know and i'll pull them after work

thanks guys
I think it depends on how good you are. If you can port them all evenly it will help, but if you port some better than others, you can create a lean condition in certain cylinders. Its pretty straight foreward if you just port match the heads and intake to the gasket, but once you start hogging them out it could get a little messy.JMHO
Get a 3-angle valve job and have the head surfaced as required. Put in new valve guides as required. Then just feather in the machine work and smooth the short side radii with a dremel and a carbide burr or a diegrinder and sanding rolls (protect the seats with tape if you don't trust yourself)

Then smooth the pushrod pinch and the tops of the ports.

This should cost less than $250 - 300 and get an easy 10% - 15% flow improvment.

Since HP is roughly proportional to flow, your HP at a given boost level will be raised aproximately same percent.