Will this sway bar mount kit work ?

If they don't fit 'perfect' they can't be that hard to mod if need be.

The end link could be all wrong but all you really have to have are the poly bushings and they will work with the stock bolts and spacers.
Previous owner removed the stock bar so I'm starting from scratch, I tracked down a factory bar but need everything else. Guess I will just piece it together but I liked the idea of the greaseable bushings and the price seemed right.
32mm = 1.26". What size is the bar you have? If you don't have a micrometer or outside caliper, try using an adjustable wrench and a tape measure.

If you go to a larger diameter bar you may need to fab a spacer to go between the frame and the bushing/bushing bracket to account for suspension travel. The bar can hit the frame (during suspension compression) where it curves to parallel the frame rail on the way to the LCA. This will break the brackets or pull the bolts out of the frame.
I had to use a 1/2" thick spacer plate at the frame mounts and cut the end link tubes get a little more room at the frame while maintaining clearance to the tie rods lock to lock. I also rotated the tie rod clamps, not the adjuster sleeve, down to help with clearance.
Dont have the bar yet but ordered one off a member here its a stock GN bar from my searching that should be 1.25'' or roughly 32mm
I installed a hellwig rear bar . It wasn't that expensive ether. I believe it was $200 brand new.
I have a nice fat ATR rear sway bar already but I did take a look at the Hellwig also. Right now I'm just going stock on the front because I don't have one on there.