Window(s) not fitting A pillar correctly


We replaced the window seals on my sons car. Doors fit good, rear of glass is lined up with post/seal, top of window is parallel to t top, front is aligned with a pillar at the lower section. However it's tight at the top front corner. So tight that the new window motor won't roll up all the way. If you open the door, raise the window it's better but still not a great seal. It's like as if I need to grind the window somehow to get it to fit. If I move the glass back, big gap at a pillar, if I raised rear of glass it won't match t top and rear post. I have the window seal rattle book but nothing in there about this problem.
Sounds like top of window is still not parallel to t top. I fought the same battle. The window rattle book is pretty complete.
Yes it's quite parallel to the t top and B pillar. And if we did change that we lose parallel to the A pillar. The seals are a bit stiffer at the top front corner too. And it seems like they aren't soft enough to make up for the difference? So it's super tight at the A pillar top, and loose for a few inches, then nice the rest of the way down the A pillar.
you have to mess with the window alignment, its not too hard, I fought with mine for awhile. Aftermarket seals suck huge balls.
there are adjustments in the door 10 MM bolts that you adjust for the forward /up down back to front . bought the book on window rattles and it helped a lot , however I used a sharpie to mark which ones did which movement . its a PITA