Windshield wiper assembly

Raymond Bunch

"Turbo Enthusiast"
Mar 20, 2002
Will any G body windshield wiper assembly fit are cars? This includes the motor, wiring, blades and everything else that will make it work like it did from the factory.

Mine is gone and I plan on making it more street worthy when it rains :p

well ray by looking at my elcamino vs my buick the entire thing looks to be the same.but I can be wrong I know I have been in the past....But I still wont tell her that ;) see ya fri...
Any Regal one surely will fit.

Only issues may be the blacked out trim on the blades and perhaps the stalk control if needed.

The cover on the motor will determine if you have pulse/delay or regular wipers.

Make sure you get the assembly from whatever stalk/wiring you have in the car, regular or pulse.

Other than that picking a Regal G body donor would work out fine.
Everything BUT the motor/washer pump are the same. 84-87's use the same unit and 83 and older use a different one. The wiring should be there for delay wipers. All you need to do is make sure you have the correct switch and lever on the steering column.
Thanks Fellas!

I will look more in to what was suggested and be sure I get the right set up. Thanks again. Raymond