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It reached a balmy 12 degrees today as a high.......

Here goes a few items. Paypal is method of payment. Refer to letter/number code as to what you want. Its best to email me direct with your request. PA residents add 6% sales tax. I don;t deal in photos instead descriptions are accurate and prices are fair. All prices below include shipping to basic 48 states.

Here goes:

2-A I got two good used tested original GM brake bowls. These are the versions with the yellow wording,. Both are very nice. Extremely hard to find in nice shape and have them work! Price is $89.95 each. Got 2.

2-B I got two of the desirable flip down stay down license plate brackets. A feature Buick should have put on our cars to help save gas spillage on the expensive rear fillers. Price is $29.95 each. Got 2.

2-C I have a pair brand new in the GM wrapper the rare unusual 1983 T-Type Regal front fender emblems. New int he GM wrapper. Just $39.95 owns them.

2-D For the troublesome powermaster I have a very nice original in appearance tested good powermaster motor tested by Cardone and warranty by them. Not been painted its original looking and looks very nice. Not an item that is easy to come by. $154.95 buys it. Came off a low mileage core for sure.

2-F Again for the troublesome powermaster I have a package deal two original used brake switches no idea if they work its your gamble however since your getting 2 its a safe bet 1 or both may be good. Look nice. Cheap at $28.95.

2-G Package deal: For the powermaster a nice set of used factory hoses to the electric motor from reservoir, both metal brackets that secure the electric motor and the set of 3 rubber bushings to the motor and two used brake switches. All this for $55. These look real nice.

2-H Again for the troublesome powermaster a super mint original style brake bowl this is the all black one it is for display show car only in other words its a bad one. Will include two used brake switches all for $49. Remember its for show only it is no good.

2-J For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal the very last one of the short aluminum polished mass air pipes we used to sell complete with hoses and clamps. The polisher wants too much money to polish these so we no longer offer these polished ones. Accept either the 8 or 9 inch cone filter with no fit issues. $99.95 owns it. Only got one.

2-K For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal I got a good used adjustable wastegate actuator. $29 and it finds a new home. Looks fairly new so it should work. Not frozen.

2-L For the factory 1986-1987 GN wheel I got one center cap like new with set of 4 of the neat little Turbo symbol valve caps $40 buys it.

2-GNX I got a complete set of 4 original GNX wheels the real deal minus 15 and minus 23 is the magic numbers on the back. No curb hits nothing painted clear coat still intact. With 4 center caps that have the spring in them all new lug nuts and lug nut caps and center decals and valves. Wheels have been on a car last 25 plus years so they look good but not new of course. Their is some clouding on the chrome lip area. Nobody makes these wheels today correct in reproduction that I am aware of. Takes $3795. to find a new home. Rariety and I can provide photos on this item. Also will consider partial trade of good OEM parts.

2-M Here is one of those stupid little items I call them C clips used to secure your throttle cables to your housing and cruise cable to cruise servo gizmo. Think it also can be sue to turbo wastegate actuator also. They been powder coated glossy black. Kit includes 4 of them just $9.95.

2-O For any year Turbo Regal good used visor bracket with bushing for non mirror set up. Good chrome and good bushing. Its the bushing that fails causing the visor to flop down. Another annoyance that can be fixed. Price is $20 each or pair for $30. Kit includes the correct set screw and correct 3 screws to secure to your headliner.

2-P I have two sets of the factory hood hinges done in glossy black powder coating with hardware. Just $44.95
This is the hinge assembly only not the bracket that secures the hood shocks to the hood. See next item.

2-R I have 2 sets of the hood shock brackets done in high gloss black powder coating just $26 for the pair includes the hardware to secure brackets to the hood also done in glossy black powder coating.

2-S For the 1984-1987 Turbo Regals I have done in glossy black powder coating the spring and secondary hood latch assembly and hardware. Again 3 of them available $29.95

BUICK never applied much paint to any of the above three items. Reason they usually appear rusty.

Remember email me personally with number/letter code that strikes your interest. paypal only, prices include all shipping. Photos only available on the high dollar GNX wheels.

Can't wait til spring......