Winter mods...what have you done?

Nick McCardle

May 26, 2001
Let's hear what everyone has done this winter. My car's been through quite a lot since January, hoping to be complete within the week. Will post details a little later after some more people chime in.
Putting my Mazda/Buick together.. Really makin some progress finally. Shortblock is from your car !! Hope it lives a while :cool:
Champion P&P heads, P&P intake, Comp Cams 206/206 roller cam kit, fresh engine rebuild from A&A Automotive, Pro Torque 3000 stall 10" LU, Powerlogger, LC-1 and Translator Pro. The T- Pro is the only thing I haven't installed yet. I went a lil crazy this winter. Last year was a good pay year. :D
I'm waiting for the weather to get a little warmer to start working. I have a few things in the works to be done before the Buick race at Norwalk.:biggrin:
Updated the hotair with the 87 ing/coil, 42.5's and a TT chip. Oh yeah I installed an electric fan.
Went from a PT54 to a GT70 P Trim, 50lb to 79lb injectors, stock dutt neck IC to TR Custom Parts FMIC, stock radiator to TR Custom Parts aluminum radiator, 3" intake to 4" with internal MAF and MAFT, got a Razor's alcohol kit, added air bags, did some at-home porting on the TB, plenum, and intake, added RJC Power Plate and will be using their bullet-proof head gasket kit, stock cam to a 210/215 roller kit, heads got some port work, valve job, and some slightly larger Manley valves from a local race engine shop, went from a Vigilante Single Disc 3200 to a Pat's 3500 converter, and got basically a street/strip rebuild on the trans.

Can't wait to see how it performs once I get it all together and tuned.
The original one from my car I guess?

yup!!! Couldn't fit the old motor in because of the SFI balancer so I had yours sitting in the corner .. In the Mazda now :cool:


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Wow glad to see the economy didn't hurt everyone, I did 79# injectors,new fuel pump, RJC wires,E3 plugs, ignition module,coil pack, LC-1,all new tires for the GTAs,armrest riser(best mod),vac brakes,.. And wanting to do full roller, crank sensor and MAF-T pro and maybe window tint.
Winter mods

Metco upper & lowers, stage rite trans brake, pts deep tranny pan, line lock & went from BFG drag radials to M/T drag radials. Still waiting on axles and rear end girdle.
rebuilt trans, crank sensor, new gauge set up, electronic boost controller, CD player. Got a couple other cosmetic things planned too.
Im currently porting and polishing the heads trying to get them ready for a valve job and bigger intake valves. I had the EGR port on my intake tig welded shut, and polishing the compressor housing.
Not doing very much this winter for the GN...I'm getting the lips on my 3 pairs of GTA Rims stripped & polished:cool: , and just sent the DP yesterday to get some Jet-Hot "Sterling Extreme" applied;)
Tossed the strap...H-R poly mounts. Progressive alky. Pulled rear cover and changed pumpkin lube. Modified dash lights a bit with led bulbs. :D
I have been working on this the last few months. Getting close just waiting on a few more parts.


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Fresh oil, new plugs and put gas in it. Oh and I topped off the alky reservoir. Winter is turbo weather down here!