wire kmock sensor


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
Does any one know what wire i hook my knock sensor to on the 85 ecm,is it the yellow with black stripe i dont have my paper any more so i dont know.
thanks for any help
The instructions from Casper's.

All I have is the instructions that came with the one from Caspers......three wire hook-up

Yellow and black
Pink and black
Black and white

All the help I can be.
I have a caspers knock gauge to but i think mine has a pos+, neg-and then the hook up for the knock sensor. i think it is the black and yellow but i dont know.
Position C....it is the Signal from the knock sensor...at the ECM it goes to Yellow wire with black stripe.....Make sure you make good connections, the guage is a bit sensitive to that
Thanks for all the help now i can hook this thing up and start finding my boost pproblem.