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I am finishing up my motor install and when I pulled the motor I didnt label wires because I figured I would remember or could figure it out but it has been alot longer than I had planned. HELP PLEASE!! I need help locating the correct spots for these wires and there are three other pictures here I have questions about. The first is do I need a gasket between the turbo and the exhaust manifold? Also I bought a new temp sensor and the old one fit the style I am holding in the pic, looks like the knock sensor plug kinda but the new one requires a spade. I got them from caspers so I assume they are right shoud I cut off this old plug and wire it to a spade? If so how do I do that it looks like there are two wires. Lastly I broke the "T" for a vaccum connection do I need to locate another like it? If so where can I find one? If not can I buy it at the store? Or use a regular "T"? Thanks for your help guys I know I can count on you!!


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Damn - can't see your pics after clicking reply so I'll just post back as I look at the connectors but the first things:

No, a gasket is not needed between the manifold and the turbo, but I do see a tiny leak and a leak there can be lost power.

The temp sensor you described is the one that is front facing, passenger side. The plug you are holding is for the temp sensor that is one the drivers side, top facing near the throttle body - looks like a mushroom.

Now I need to look at he pics but if #1 if what I think it is, it is the oil pressure sensor under the turbo in the side of the block - same fitting that also has the turbo oil line.

Oh yeah, the T is a 3 way check valve - can get at any parts store, I had trouble finding one for the size vacuum lines we use - they were all small.

4 & 5 look like they are for the AC Compressor
2 may be the crank sensor - is it by its self at the end of a long run?

3 looks like the air temp sensor near the MAF and filter.
One More Time...

Don't forget about clean spots for the grounds at the back of the head.

Routing the harness around the trans dip stick and keep the plugs near the rear of the engine clear of the fire wall - IGN, EGR, and Knock Sensor - it gets tight back there.

For the most part the harness will fall into place and the connectors will only plug into there proper sensor - won't fit anything else within reach.
Thank you so much!! The old sensor I pulled out had the mushroom connection on the top of it but this new one I got just has a spade terminal do I need to return it? Or can I hook a spade oup to it and be ok?
Yeah, return it. It is conceivable that it is some new-redesigned or universal type sensor that will work, but the proper sensor will have - or accept the same plug. I think that one is for the fan relay

There are copper gaskets that may be used there - I have some slight leaking there and will try it myself some day
1) Oil pressure/fuel pump switch. Located right side of block under turbo.
2) Crank sensor
3) Air temp sensor in elbow above air filter housing
4) AC compessor switch located on back of AC compessor
5) AC compessor clutch

Make sure you get the correct temp sensor. That's the sensor the computer uses to measure engine temps.
So I got a new sensor and I am gonna take the old one out. For future ref. they are called a "radiator fan switch" at the parts stores. Bad boys ar between 15-15 bucks!! :eek: So the other question I had was I just went out to look for my oil pressure switch and its not there... The hole usually home to this sensor has a brass 2way comin out of it. On the top is the oil line for my turbo and onthe side is my oil pressure gauge which is where I assume the pressure switch was originally meant to go... Is this ok to leave or should I try to find a different fitting to adapt all three things there. I assume that it wasnt hooked up before and my car ran fine. Any problem with this?
You certainly have a bunch of questions! I agree with the other guy regarding connector identification.As far as the other stuff, you need to go at it one step at a time. Good luck with your problems!
It will be OK like that. I drilled and tapped the fitting for the gauge and left the sensor in the original location


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