wix oil filters

Sal Lubrano

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Apr 26, 2002
After doing some research i have found two oil filters which seem to be very popular with the biggie oil filter adapter. 51258 and 51049 But I have also noticed one of them does not have an anti drain back valve. Am I missing something here? Why are people using the wix 51049 since there is no valve. Here are the specs on both.
Part Detail

Part Detail
The Biggie OIl Filter adapter tech sheet lists the WIX 51258 only. I use the NAPA 1258 as it is readily available at any NAPA store. I cannot find Wix filters locally.

ps...folks are probably using the filter w/o anti-drain simply because they don't know better.
Wix number 51258 does have an anti drain back valve. The old Buick 455's use this oil filter and they were mounted horizontally with the 51258. I just checked and the one sitting on the shelf has one...

WIX Filters : Filter Look-Up.

Edit: Go to any parts store and ask for AC Delco PF24 cross search. If you have a Napa they sell the wix renamed Napa Gold with a different number. It is usually just with the 5 cut off. So 1258