World's biggest snake found in village

Wow , cant wait to show my wife that!! She frickin hates snakes and will be pissed at me after she jumps outta the chair!! I need to get a video of her!!
At first I was like... "Woah....":eek:

Next I was like...."Big f'n snake..":cool:

Then I was like...."Fake...I need to go to":rolleyes:

Finally I was like...."F%&$%R!!" *heart beats faster*:eek:

Damit!!Pushed my laptop in the floor, scared the s##t out me!!! Then i called my wife to see it, got the s##t slapped out of me!!! It was worth it though!!!

I just got done drinking my Sleepy Time tea and was all relaxed for bed. Now I feel like I just got done drinking three Red Bulls.:D

Great vid. Thanks.
dammit!! I'm having a bout of insomnia tonight and was just starting to unwind and get sleepy when I watched THAT!!! totally had me going then I started looking at the bolts and angle iron thinking, "wait a second, something's not right" so I was leaning forward looking at the snake's body about 6 inches from the screen when that D@mN thing jumped off my computer screen at me and made me almost poop myself!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

:biggrin: good video, just bad timing on my part. :rolleyes: