Would anyone be interested in Cal Hartline tuning in NW Indiana in October?


Jun 20, 2002
I talked to Cal Hartline today and he is going to be up in Indy in October at a race. I would like to have him tune my Turbo car and wanted to know if anyone else would be interested in having their cars tuned. He said he can work with any aftermarket system and it could be any make of vehicle. I have a local dyno (Lafayette IN area) we could rent for the day. If interested please let me know ASAP.

Your intentions are good and hopefully you will get many takers. Owners who have the ability to have their TR tuned by Cal would be foolish not to take you up on the offer.

Cal came to Phoenix a few years ago. Nick Micale put a group together to meet with him at a dyno and it was a great time. He is truly class act. He knows his stuff and am amazed at his skills.

At that time I only had a regular chip but now have an SD2. If he ever comes back to AZ I would not hesitate to gladly pay for his services.

I might be interested. It just depends on timing. My car is mainly stock, but I'm sure he can probably make it run better than it is. I would like to install some of the basic upgrades and this could be great timing. Please let me know date and I will see if I am available to attend...


I would. I'd pay just to be there without my car just to ask him about 250 different questions while recording.
If we could do it in Chicago, Id be 100% positively in. Indy is too far of a trip from Iowa.
Josh. Im interested, been looking in the cincy area for someone to tune my GN, when will you know all the details? Thanks, Neil
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Im in for a chicago tune as well if you want to put it together. Although, at this point I'd probably rather wait until spring in case I make some winter changes.

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The tuning if I set it up would be in Lafayette which is 1 hr north of Indy on I65 and 2 hrs south of Chicago on I65. If that is doable for everyone I can make arrangements but if it won't work out I will just have to wait.
I just spoke to cal about this thread. Im located in southern Indiana and would be very interested. Who's dyno are you using? I may have another alternative also as a friend in Anderson Indiana also has a dyno. I was hoping to tune my car in 3 weeks which would be before the gs nationals in bowling green. Msg me at 812-760-0305 if you would like..cal can do 5 cars a day as the standard tune takes 2 hrs. He charges $1000 per day plus travel expenses so add another $600. Dyno rental can vary.
I'm just replying because if you're all in Lafayette I want to come hang out since I'm less than an hour away.
I'd make the drive from VA in a heartbeat! got family in Detroit so would go see them after.