would this turbo work?


Mar 27, 2002
im looking to bolt an 86/87 turbo onto my hotair motor using one of turbo6x2s adapter plates for the TB mount and welding the hotair turbo adapter to the compressor outlet. i posted in the parts wanted section for a stock 86/87 turbo, and got this reply:

"This unit came in the spare parts box along with the stock unit when I bought a 9174 mile ( YES ! ) '86 WH-1 this summer. I have had both units checked and they are fine. The almost stock unit has the same outside diameter wheels, so you could bolt your exhaust housing and ( ported ? ) exhaust housing onto my center section and inlet The inlet wheel is .300" bigger at the opening than the original. The inlet is straight like a TE series turbo, so there is no inlet bell bolted on. Curremtly, I have filled both units with fresh oil and put plates over the openings to preserve them. Price $150 plus shipping. Satisfaction guaranteed"

would this be as simple as doing the previous mods i listed above or would there be more to it? thanks in advance