would trans be still good


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Feb 2, 2006
a guy stole my buick and they found the car and caught the guy but the motor has a hole about the size of my arm in the side i know im going 2 have 2 replace the motor and turbo but what do u guys think about the tranny when it was stolen it had maybe 1800 miles on a rebuild any help will be of great help
wow....sorry to hear that, but if the tranny is stock and somehow this guy put a huge hole in the motor, i would probably have it checked out. Who knows what that guy did to it.
it was suposed 2 be a performance rebuild

2800 stahl speed converter not sure what else bill was in car dont have no more
If the car was on street tires and wasn't gone long, I'd call the odds good that it is still OK. Sounds like an "I wonder if this will do 10,000 RPM" scenario, and as such was likely in lower gears rather than OD with the converter locked.

Inexpert opinion only, based on limited facts... worth every cent.
I'm a little dense too: Why do you assume the turbo needs changing? Did you verify that it ate engine bits?

Is the peace of mind worth the cost of a minor overhaul/checkout?
it took me a yr 2 find it and then the dummy left it in storage 4 6 months in his name and that how i found it but where he left it i couldnt get back until i paid the bill in full which was at 3450 dollars and the reason i think i would need 2 change the turbo is because there r 4 hole bearings in the bottom and tons of shavings and the hole is along the oil pan rail and goes to 9 inches from the front of block on the left side im in the process of suring him 4 20 grand 1 the car beeing gone 4 a yr 2 te suffering of worrying about the car 3 the money 2 get the car back 4 that the ometer was rolled back 10000 miles from when i bought the car 2 yrs ago 5 and damages 2 the motor and all the stereo equipment was gone with a yellow top battery
sorry i was meaning the tranny but like i said it was sitting 4 6 months before i could get 2 it i didnt get anything about where it was untill dec and wasnt able 2 get it till the begining of jan