Wow did I just get good news!! And meet great people


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I just had over the house two really 1st class guys that own Kash's garage in bridgeport Ct. They made the trip to Greenwich at 8:00 at night to check out what this damn noise is I hear coming from my 1987 WE4 ( 85K). I thought for sure it was a rod bearing or worse. Well its nothing more then what a buick V6 sounds like, injectors doing there thing, a bit of the fan hitting the shroud, and the sound of the missing cat ( has a test pipe) you get a Tin can sound. I never had a V6 so this is all new stuff. The real point of this is what honest guys to tell me that I didn't need any work at all when I'm telling them (with cash in hand ) to take my car and rebuild the motor because "I'm 100 percent sure it needs a rod bearing" I wonder how many shops outside of this hobby would have been happy to drive away with my car and that cash. Really do find some great people in this hobby.
That's a good day. There's not enough good things that can be said for honesty and integrity, especially in the automotive business.