WS6 kill


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Sep 6, 2001
Good Kill!!

Sounds like a good kill!!

Was it an A4 or M6? Or could you tell? The A4 LS1s are really weak from a roll above 30 if the don’t have a stall converter. I don’t know how I stood mine before the stall!

Not that it matters though, with times like yours, you’d devastate my WS6 too!!
Good kill man .... you should of blew her a kiss when she was looking all evil at you :) hah

I would imagine it was an A4 because I pulled on it too easily or it could have been an M6 and she didn't know how to shift all that well. I have ran a lighly modded SS from a roll before (about the same speed) and had a very hard time pulling away. The funny thing was just seeing her frustration, this poor lady in her sports car with custom plates getting out ran by a Buick! My car had a tank of AVGAS and the turbo set to 20 psi so I was also tuned pretty mean!
Women drivers you can't live with them especially how $hitty most of them drive!!! The way she was giving you the evil eye I'd swear you two were married, or at least romantically involved. The fun thing about this is you could give her hell and not have to pay retribution for it later. These women have to realize that they are fair game when racing whether it be on the street or at the track and unless a guy is *****-whipped he's not gonna LET her win!!!
was she trying to pass you because of traffic in her lane or race you?