WS6 playin' games?



To recap, I own a basically stock GN. A couple of weeks ago, I ran against a WS6 with a 150 shot. He was on nittos and was stock besides the N2O. (As far as I knew) We went from a dead stop and he won by 2- 2 1/2 cars with me on street tires and him on DOT's. I spun quite a bit and after a cool down, we ran again. He still won by not as bad. I ordered parts from BMC PERFORMANCE and bolted them on as soon as they arrived. They included: Boost gauge, TH downpipe, Adjustable Wastegate, fuel pump and a couple of other small things.
This past weekend I borrowed a set of DOT's to run this WS6 again. We met in the same place and his car was now equipped with some kind of aftermarket exhaust. I admit, I was nervious. I figured there was no telling what he installed during the week. Come to find out, word got back to him that the next time he faced my Buick, it wasn't going to be stock! ~ :p ~ Well, this boosted my confidence level a little bit, knowing he probably spent more on his exhaust upgrade than I did on my entire parts.
We went from a dead stop. I showed 4psi and it hooked fairly well. (Not as good as him) So I lost about the same as the first encounter with him. About 2 or 2 1/2 cars. D@MN. WTF? I was upset I didn't make up the difference with my few bolt on's. He asked if I wanted to run from a roll...and I said not really (remembering what you guys said about these cars from a roll) but he insisted. So we went from a 15 mph roll, I had about 10psi built and he left me sitting like I had 1psi. What gives?
I KNOW FOR A FACT he added some sort of exhaust...does the exhaust help these cars out THIS much? Think he 'slipped' a little something extra in his car?? I hope so....


Please let me know what you think...I was running about 18-20psi from the STOCK turbo with my new adj. wastegate. Thanks guys....

Do you have a scanmaster or did you just throw the new crap on and hope?

tune tune tune!
The scanmaster2 was among the "little things" I did not mention. I installed it the night before and really haven't 'tuned' the car (probably) to it's potential yet. What are the main 'things' you guys look for when using the scanmaster2? The O2 readings? EGT? etc....?????
ANY help would be appreciated :(
O2 and knock retard

These are the most important. You should try for high 700's (780 or more) and ideally NO knock retard, set fp 44lbs no vacuum line. See how these values hold. If you have to add 1-2 lbs fuel pressure and try again. You do have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator...right?;)
dude a ls1 with a 150 shot is knocking on 11's door step. you'll need lots of boost to spank him, probally more than a stock turbo can put out. speed is money, how much ya got?
hmmm well this is what i think..

this guy with the ls1 or ws6 is running mid 11's if he is on 150 shot Nos and nittos, as for running from a role i can only call you nothing but a butthole to have accepted that challange, like the other guys said, you will need more than a stock turbo, stock intercooler and stock injectors to beat this guy and at least slicks with 24 psi to get him out of the hole and keep him there.. also a good trannie and stall helps...:cool: make the force be with you luke skywalker.. u will need it...
As was said above, a stock LS1 + 150 horse wet shot = mid 11’s if the driver can get traction and knows how to drive. Was it an auto? If so, his stock trans won’t last much longer. If it was a 6-speed, the stock clutch and rear will be done for very soon on that much juice.

As far as the exhaust, he might have installed longtubes, off road Y-pipe (no cats), and a cat back. This would be good for about 30 to 50 horse (depending on the headers) on even a stock LS1. He probably had an air lid and some free mods too that all of us use.

If he pulled away hard off the line with an auto, he probably had a stall converter and maybe gears, and if it was a 6-speed and pulled hard off the line, he might have had 4.10s. Stock LS1’s even on drag radials only cut about 1.9 60 w/ and A4 or 2.0 60 w/ an M6, and only a crazy man would launch out of the hole on a stock rear spraying a 150 shot. Plus Nittos would never hold that, so he was probably running a window switch for the juice.

If it makes you feel any better, if he had a full exhaust (meaning longtube headers on back to tail pipes), he spent between $1300 and almost $2000. If it was shorty headers, anywhere between $700 and $1300 for the full system.

I think your car did great for being relatively stock against a 150 horse shot LS1 w/ exhaust. You only lost by a coupe of cars to a mid 11 sec car, and you didn’t even get as much grip as he did. You did good.:cool:
Heck, a stock LS1 should give you a pretty good run for your money, if it was a good driver. A LS1 with a 150 shot aint no joke! Just wait until he bends the hell out of his push rods then you will have him! You would definetly need to be running trap speeds close to 115 to keep up with that.
Funny this topic came up, ran into a ws-6 trans am, and the guy wanted to race but we were in rush hour morning traffice:( ..we talked while in traffic and he said with 125 shot, full exhaust, 3500 torque coverter, and air lid, and headers, and nittos and the car went 12.04 @116. The sad part was he said he was on his third transmission, and he was driving around without third gear that morning after racing it at the track the night before. Guess going fast in those cars hurts your wallet!! Still, the car was definantly nothing to play with unless u had a built buick or some boost on the street.:p
my cars an outomatic ,stock converter,air lid,mass air and 125 shot on nittos and went 11.96 at 118 with a 1.91 60ft time your car is running better than what you think. yes they do bend push rods too just got mine out of the shop had three bent [hit the rev limiter on spray] dealer fixed it for free good thing about a new car
2000 WS6 what will a 6speed car with the same mods as you trap in the quarter as far as mph and et... will spray be any worse on those cars as far as the rearends and pushrods, valves, etc... just wondering because someone tryed to tell me that the 6speeds are better with spray... I thought the autos were your best bet and I told the guy he must be joking!!!:confused:
I would say with a good driver a 6sp car will pull more mph but it would depend how good he could shift it motor for motor the 6sp d cars have about 2 mph on my car a 6spd car with the same mods as mine with a good driver and tires should go 120 or reall close they do out mile an hour a automatic car they just dont leave as hard
as far as rear ends and push rods a 6 spd car i think is more easly to break verry easy to over rev on spray and good tires and leaving hard will break the rear end an automatic car thetires are loaded but a standerd shift car it shocks the tires and the rear end when you dump the clutch
This reminds me of a Crank and Chrome special on TV. They had a 98 SS Camaro and slapped a 150 shot on it and put it on a dyno. It was throwing down like 450 RWHP in less then an hour! That really got me thinking on how not to underestimate these cars on the street. They had an auto too, I think I would feel better spraying with an auto myself.

THis issue of gmhp (which also had three killer Buicks) had a absolutley stock 2001 ss camaro run a 12.97 et! Granted this was with an expert driver but still, you can't deny that these cars do fly!
2000 ws6…You said that you hit the rev limiter on the spray. Why aren’t you running a window switch? You’re lucky that all you did was to bend push rods. When you hit the limiter (as I’m sure you know), both spark AND fuel are cut. We all know what can happen when you cut fuel on the juice; I’m surprised you didn’t start melting pistons!! By the amount of spray (125) I am assuming you are shooting dry, correct? Are you still running a stock tranny? How’s it holding up?

Yes, a 6-speed would trap better, but probably not ET better. The only way for a 6-speed to get a good 60ft is to dump at about 5 to 6 grand, which is why they tend to break rear ends so often, not to mention the clutch problems. As I have said before, the autos are much better suited to be modded and raced, unless you are road racing/auto crossing.
I think the reason most guys by the 6spd LS1 are that they like racing from a roll on the street and with the M6 they defintely have the advantage going from like a 20mph punch or up as long as they are dissent drivers... however, if they meet an auto with the close to the same horsepower and torque... going from a dig or stoplight to stoplight it will be the 6spd playing catch up... AUTO OR 6SPD... different strokes for different folks... they both have pros and cons... I know I like autos because you don't have to worry about replacing clutches all the time... the Supra guys seem to have this same dilema of whether they want the stick or the lazy man's tranny as some people like to put it... The buicks only came with autos because they had all the low end horsepower and torque and the mannuals didn't match up to well as I've heard, so no decision making hear!!!:D :D
Blackshoebox…I see your point, but a 6-speed will still loose to an auto with a high enough stall even from a 20mph roll. I have beaten 6-speeds from 20 to 25 up to about 90 before with my 3500 stall. The only way that the 6-speed is almost guaranteed a win is if we go from an expressway roll, or if they hit me in the dead spot between 30 and 35 where they can go back to first and I can’t.

I agree about the “different strokes…”, and have said that myself many times, but some guys seem to think that having a 6-speed makes you more of a man or something. This just isn’t true. A real man buys what he likes and feels best suits his needs.

My friend Jeff tried to give me a hard time once about having an auto. I then reminded him that we have basically the same engine mods, and I’m running 12.6s @107+ w/ a 1.69 60ft to his 13.7s at 103 w/ 2.1s!!! And my car weighs over a 100 pounds more than his! LOL…he didn’t mention it again.
Yeah RPM I know what you mean... I've had a couple pretty ignorant kids with different cars tell me that mine is slow simply because I have an automatic tranny:confused: :confused: I pretty much laugh at them and tell them lets run and I'll show you what my slow V6 automatic brick can do to your beast with a STICK lol:D ... It's funny because when you hand them their ass their like how is it possible you have an auto... I usually just say that they need to get their facts straight before they go shooting off their mouth about sh*t they have no clue about... Remember LOSE LIPS SINKS SHIPS... :p ... I also tell them that the fastest drag cars are autos, because sticks can't launch unless you dump them at a high rpm and then they usually still can't launch with an auto... especially if that lazy man's tranny has a torque converter much like yours RPM... Finally, they still look at me clueless and I start to wonder why they need that BIG STICK??? Maybe they need it to replace something their LACKING!!! LOL:D :D
I have one question, how much does a 2001 trans am covert, ram air 6 speed weigh, my buddy has one and he says it weighs 4400lbs because the door says so.