WTB boost/vacuum solenoids


Mechanical Engineer
May 2, 2002
Hey guys,

I am looking for some 12 v vacuum/boost solenoids..... I don't know what they could come off of. I had some on a Dodge Daytona Turbo..... they have like 3 ports.... and require 12v and ground to activate. I believe one port is from the boost/vacuum source, one is the outlet, and maybe one just vents to atmosphere??? I guess it is possible... there are only two ports....I am sure lots of turbo cars come with them.....I guess it is also possible...the wastegate solenoid for the turbo buicks will also do what I want.

Here is how I want it to function...... 1 state should be inlet and outlet are not connected (ie blow in one... nothing comes out the other) the 2nd state is when you apply 12 v the inlet and outlet are connected inside..... i.e. you blow in one... it comes out the other one.....

Make any sense?

I am working on a poor boy multi-stage boost controller.

I might be interested in at least 2 maybe 3 for now.