WTB: Driver Quality 86/87 Radiator hold down

Rich Gio

You'll need a bigger Hemi
Jan 3, 2010
I'm looking for a driver quality (No rust or pitting, intact brackets) reasonably priced '86/87 radiator hold down. Anyone got one they want to sell?
I thought the same thing as above as far as shipping goes. I have 10 of them here and for $50 shipped I would keep em especially since the guy thinks that's a bad price for a 2 year only turbo car only car part
It is what it is. My original is in good shape and I'm not in a rush. Just looking for one to powdercoat and
restore. I'll pick one up locally... no big deal. Kirban's event is usually in April. I passed a few up last year. It's not like they are rare. Keep it, thanks.

Oh, Gbody has 'em already powdercoated with the repro sticker for 90$ (without core) 60$ with core. I may go this route. (Looks to me like they are worth about 30$ if that's the core charge! )
I saw that. Looks nice, too.

I saw 2 at kirban's last year. I think Pete had one for 35$ and I saw another there for less but it was pretty rough. You selling them like hotcakes?
Looks great Chris. Getting it powder coated now. Thanks for the help guys! Not bad for 40$ SHIPPED.