WTB: GNX or GTA Wheels

Brutal87 said:
I'm looking for a set of real GNX or 4 front GTA black mesh wheels. Must be in VERY nice shape.
BigAl of Al's mini starters, or maybe bigal614 had a set of real GNX rims on e-bay a week or so ago, don't know if they sold or not. He is a supporting vendor on this board, and should be listed on the vendor menu.
response # 2 on this previous thread of mine.
Thank you for heads up Wells!! I do have a set of GNX rims and some original gatorbacks as well but not many are willing to pay the piper, lol. I have a GNX dash on Ebay right now and will probably list the rims this coming weekend if I don't sell before that? Contact me if interested Brutal?